It is made in Italy, in Milan and in the surrounding area.
The project in Milan, the assembling in the logistic headquarter in Inveruno (Milan). 
Since 2015 the frames are made in Taiwan, where they take great care in details and materials, using tubes in chrome-alloy high-strength steel with reduced thickness; before that, they were made in Italy with mild steel. To improve our product we left Europe, where it was hard to find suppliers for electro-welded tubes in high-strength steel for our needs.
The Justlong model is completed in Italy with the tail and the front flatbed, using precise and flexible technologies of laser-cut tubes, CN bending and brazing, cooperating with skilled local craftsmen, who help us also in new prototypes.
The other components are bought as close as possible: frame painting and spokes in Monza; bags in Genoa; mudflaps in Milan; wheels in Bologna; saddle, kickstand, carter and brake levers in Veneto; rims from the Czech Republic; hubs, brakes, lights, tires, handlebar and seat posts from Germany.